Vermicompost bag 10 kg


Vermicompost bag 10 kg



Concentrate (4x) for enriching soil properties

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Weight : 10 kg

Dimensions : 340 x 100 x 550 mm


  • Limited Liability Company “Biofertilizer Plant” Trivko “offers its own products -” Biohumus “(TU U 20.1-31370953-001: 2017).
  • Products under the TM “TRYVKO” are the latest technologies for enriching immunity and plant protection.

Vermicompost is an organic fertilizer, which is a product of the processing of organic substances by the red Californian worm and their release into the environment from the food tract.

Provides antiseptic treatment, saturates the soil with amino acids and enzymes, increases the content of humic substances and fulvic acids, and also protects plants from various diseases and increases their resistance to adverse conditions. Does not contain chemicals and weed seeds.

Vermicompost is a loose, finely crumbly mass of dark brown color, closer to black. Means “Biohumus” is used as the main organic fertilizer when planting, feeding all types of agricultural crops, in forestry, floriculture, as well as in resuscitation and soil reclamation.

Action features:

Provides accelerated growth and organic nutrition of plants.


Allowed to use in any season

Consumption rates and application:

To germinate seeds, mix one part of “vermicompost” with two parts of soil.

As soon as possible, it is recommended to transplant the plant into the “Universal soil mixture” TM “TRYVKO”, or mix it with any kind of soil in a ratio of 1 liter of “biohumus” to 4 liters of soil.

Application rates:

  • Fruit and berry plantings: 150 g per bush
  • Potatoes and tomatoes: 200 g per well
  • Fruit trees: 5 to 10 kg seedling
  • Vegetables and greens 500 g per 1 m2 of plot


  • Enzymes;
  • Plant hormones;
  • Humates;
  • Amino acids;
  • Natural antibiotics
  • Macro and microelements;
  • Disputes of beneficial microorganisms;
  • Humic and fulvic acids.


  • Polyethylene bag, net weight 5 kg, gross weight 5 kg 50 g;
  • Polyethylene bag, net weight 10 kg, gross weight 10 kg 50 g;
  • Polypropylene bag, net weight 1 ton, gross weight 1 ton 5 kg.

Advantages of “Biohumus”:

  • improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil;
  • increases the amount of soil organic matter, preserving the growth of such microorganisms in it, which are of great importance for the healthy growth of plants and their absorption of nutrients;
  • improves the ability of the soil to cation exchange;
  • regulates the pH in the soil, making its nutrient composition more accessible to plants, which contributes to their intensive growth;
  • retains soil moisture, reducing the need for frequent watering;
  • consistently ensures the availability of basic nutrients, soil remineralization and a variety of microorganisms for a long time;
  • suitable for all types of plants, both indoor and agricultural;
  • no weed seeds in the composition, it is a very important factor in soil cultivation after organic fertilization;
  • 100% eco fertilizer!

“Biohumus” TM “Trivko” in case of direct contact has no harmful effect on the human body, animals, insects, environment and is not a source of spread of infections. Working with it does not require special safety measures. It is not phytotoxic for cultivated and wild plants.