About us

Plant for the production of bio-fertilizers. Founded in 2017, Zaporozhye region, Ukraine.

Products under ТМ «ТРЫВКО» are the newest technologies of enrichment of immunity and protection of plants.

Our products are biohumus, used as the main organic fertilizer during planting, fertilization of all kinds of crops, in forestry, floriculture, as well as during intensive care and soil reclamation.


Tryvko plant


We offer two kinds of biofuels: biohumus and biohumus extractor.
Biohumus is a high-quality organic organic fertilizer, a product of organic waste recycling by the CHC-red Californian worm population. It is a loose, finely scattered mass of dark brown color closer to black, NOT containing nitrates and chemical additives. Contains the balance of the complex of necessary nutrients and trace elements, enzymes, soil microorganisms, vitamins, humic substances and fulvic acids, which give an effective long-term effect for prolonged-type plants. The enterprise is certified according to the international standard ISO 9001: 2017.

Life is a contribution.
Increasing the fertility and yield of soils — environmentally friendly products!

Innovation. Caring for plants.Protection of life.